JRO Derivatives provides regular monitoring, analyzing, and revising a portfolio and the investment policy statement (IPS), as well as the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS), including perform portfolio review and revisions process. We provide consulting in order to improve your portfolio return in institutional advisory, financial advisory firms, tied agents of investment firms, and investment firms to maximize the effectiveness and value of their investments.

Consultants firms must periodically review client goals, time horizon, circumstances, and constraints. Our investment consulting methodology is based on the next three broad steps:

  • portfolio design, the discipline of asset allocation and rebalancing.
  • strategic risk management, execution.
  • strategic risk management, review and monitoring.

JRO Derivatives provides investment consulting/training about strategy trading and the role of mechanical trading systems (minimize risks and maximize opportunities), including:

  • how to separate our emotions from our investment decisions,
  • how to build, test and apply money-making stock and futures trading systems; and
  • how to build your own quantitative/algorithmic futures and option trading business to help you determine trending prices versus trading prices. Our trading system/strategy is not based on technical analysis (subjective criteria). It is based on quantitative methods, the trend-following system and market indicators (objective criteria) to market entry, exit with profit (timing the exit) and exit with loss.

JRO Derivatives provides a money management strategies trading, including:

  • Understanding the money management process.
  • Estimating risk and reward.
  • Limiting risk through diversification.
  • Managing unrealized profits and losses.
  • Managing the bankroll: Controlling exposure and allocating capital.